Kavanaugh confirmed: We the People are taking America back from the lunatic mob

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court is yet another demonstration of how We the People are taking America back from the lunatic left-wing mob. To stop Kavanaugh, desperate Democrats tried everything: False allegations, fictional “witness” accounts, endless screaming in the Senate chambers, media smears, intimidation of conservative Senators, harassment of pro-Kavanaugh protesters and more. But the American people have had enough of the left-wing lunacy, and conservatives are finally learning how to fight back.

The deranged, lunatic Left continues to lose political power in America, so they are resorting to mob rule tactics rooted in lawlessness and incivility. All the screaming, harassment and death threats against conservatives, they explain, are carried out in the name of “tolerance” and “inclusiveness.”

But real Americans aren’t fooled. We know that what we’re really observing is the Democrats’ descent into madness, pure and simple. As I explain in my detailed analysis of the Kavanaugh victory, below, Democrats have now exhaustively demonstrated that they are unfit to participate in civil society. They honor no elections (unless they win), they abide by no rules, they have no ethics and they’re willing to do anything to gain political power, including fabricating an organized deep state smear against an innocent man.

It’s now obvious to everyone: There is nothing the Democrats won’t do to gain power in America. And that is precisely why we must deny them all political power from this day forward. Those who desperately seek power at all costs should probably not be granted any.

You can help achieve this by voting against mob rule at every election for the rest of your life.

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