NBC News knew “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti was spreading fake news against Brett Kavanaugh, but didn’t report it

It turns out there was a fourth woman besides Julie Swetnick who “creepy porn lawyer” and charlatan Michael Avenatti falsely claimed was victimized by the Honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh back when the two were in high school.

On October 3, 2018, Avenatti tweeted about this fourth accuser, attaching a sworn statement claiming that she was a friend of Swetnick, and had witnessed Kavanaugh spiking the punch bowl at some of these parties.

But as reported by Zero Hedge, the woman stated just days prior during an interview with NBC News that she didn’t actually see Kavanaugh commit any wrongdoing as Avenatti claimed.

After NBC News aired the conflicting interview, Avenatti tried to claim that it incorrectly represented the woman’s claims, and that she had barely “skimmed” through it before he released it publicly on Twitter. NBC News then admitted that the woman’s story “wasn’t credible.”

But the network never actually followed through with making this announcement publicly to viewers. It similarly failed to report on the fact that the woman’s retractions also called into question the legitimacy of the claims made by Swetnick, which have also been debunked as fake news.

“I didn’t ever think it was Brett,” were the woman’s exact words to NBC News during a phone interview arranged by Avenatti himself on September 30. The woman added that she had never actually met Swetnick while in high school, nor did she ever see her at any parties. The two became friends later on in their 30s, she admitted.

NBC News followed up with the woman on October 3, the day of Avenatti’s tweet, which is when she basically admitted that she didn’t even fully read the affidavit that had her name on it. The very next day, the woman texted NBC News to say:

“It is incorrect that I saw Brett spike the punch. I didn’t see anyone spike the punch … I was very clear with Michael Avenatti from day one.”

For more stories about the mainstream media’s fake news escapades, check out Faked.news.

Senator Chuck Grassley calls on Department of Justice to investigate Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnick

But did NBC News go public with this critical information as the Kavanaugh hearings were underway? Of course not. The fake news outlet was presumably more than gleeful to watch the man be falsely accused by a lineup of deranged women who were placed there by the likes of Avenatti to obstruct the actions of the Trump administration.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) can certainly see what was going on, prompting him to refer Avenatti and Swetnick to the Department of Justice (DoJ) for an investigation. It’s obvious that the whole thing was fraudulent, contrived in an attempt to undermine Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Interestingly enough, when he was confronted with the fact that the woman’s story didn’t match what his sworn affidavit claimed, Avenatti quickly became hostile with NBC News. He stated that he was “disgusted” with their report, and tried to then state that it was “not the same woman.”

Avenatti was presumably lying about this as well, since the woman herself stated to NBC News that she would no longer be speaking with Avenatti because “he twisted my words.” But, again, NBC News never actually went public with this critical information, which would have ended the charade a whole lot sooner.

“Not publishing this information served only one obvious purpose: It shielded Avenatti from another embarrassment and helped support an anonymous allegation of abuse against Kavanaugh that turned out to be untrue,” was Zero Hedge‘s way of putting it.

“But somehow President Trump is the one in the wrong for calling the mainstream media on their BS?”

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