Democrats’ desperate ploy to unseat President Trump over “mental health” false diagnosis will push America to bloody civil war

On the heels of the new book “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff — which has already been largely discredited as a work of fiction —  unhinged Democrats are now pushing to unseat President Trump by claiming he’s “mentally unfit for office.” This dangerous, deranged ploy is the latest desperate attempt by Democrats who first tried to eliminate Trump by weaponizing the surveillance state to illegally spy on Trump’s campaign team, then attempted to block the Electoral College from confirming Trump’s election victory, then tried to block Trump’s inauguration, and now are drumming up a “mental health” excuse in an attempt to depose a democratically-elected President they deeply hate.

This tactic, of course, mirrors the strategies of the old Soviet Union and Chinese communists who used “mental health” as an excuse to justify the mass murder of political opponents and educated citizens who opposed their political regimes. “It’s very dangerous… That’s what they did in Russia. That’s what they did in China. That’s what they did in apartheid South Africa. How dare liberals, people on the left, try to undo democracy by accusing a president of being mentally ill without any basis,” warned Alan Dershowitz, a well-known left-leaning attorney and legal consultant.

“There’s only one thing worse than trying to criminalize political differences,” Dershowitz went on to explain, “and that’s trying to ‘psychiatrize’ them. These psychiatrists now, who are trying to diagnose without ever having met the man, that’s what they did in Russia… locked [them] up in mental hospitals.”

This Soviet tactic rooted in totalitarianism and junk “mental health” science doesn’t seem to bother Democrats, of course, who are themselves teetering on the edge of runaway insanity due to their unbounded hatred and mass paranoia.

The deranged, deluded Left has become the real danger to America

The greater truth in all this is that the Left, in attempting to overthrow the results of an election whose outcome they don’t like, has proven itself to be rooted in a totalitarian philosophy of intolerance and hatred. Thanks to the unbridled hatred of the Left, the minute any candidate runs for office as a Republican, that candidate is immediately branded a racist, sexist, islamophobe and bigot, even if such characterizations were never even dreamed of prior to that person’s political engagement.

The Left is now so full of hatred, rage and intolerance that left-wing journalists at the Huffington Post now openly call to “kill all white men.” White people are now so routinely demonized that merely being born with white skin is justification for leftists to berate you, smear you, demean you and call for you to be literally killed. Through this intense drumbeat of daily hatred and rage, the Left is setting up America for an actual ethnic cleansing of all Whites, warns Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan advisor. The toppling of white historical statues was only the beginning… what comes next is door-to-door executions of people for being White, all based on the Left’s radicalized definitions of “equality” and “social justice” and “fairness.”

Yes, to the Left, murder of Whites is now fully justified. Even farmers’ markets are now being attacked and derided by the Left as racist activities attended by too many Whites. Demonstrating the height of insanity that now seems commonplace among deranged Leftists, a Drexel University professor openly espoused “white genocide” for Christmas, effectively urging his readers to consider the mass murder of White people solely based on the color of their skin.

In a run-up to this push for nationwide anti-White genocide, the Left has even resorted to destroying language by demanding that university books be “burned” if they contain certain trigger words that deranged Leftists cannot tolerate. Some college professors are claiming that mathematics is racist because the history of math is full of too many White people. Other college instructors also claim that philosophy is racist because many philosophers are also “White.” A left-wing Muslim professor in a California university says that violence against Whites is “morally required”, and the University of Delaware now requires all new students to attend a course that declares “all whites are racist.”

The “War on Whites” is now fully operational, thanks to the derision, violence and intense hatred of the Left, which now openly judges people explicitly by the color of their skin.

To the deranged Left, all conservatives are racist and mentally ill by default

This demented, deranged hatred, racism and intolerance is not practiced by President Trump; it’s practiced daily by the insane Left in America, which has already crossed the tipping point of unbridled delusion. To Leftists, you see, all conservatives are, by definition, mentally ill, which means no conservative is ever fit for office.

These same Leftists can never recognize their own mass mental illness for the simple reason that it’s shared by all the people around them. So their insanity seems “normalized” as long as they’re at a radicalized California university campus, for example, or being spoon-fed a daily dose of lies and delusions by Rachel Maddow or Steven Colbert. The extreme intolerance of the Left is so ingrained in their own mental programming that they see anyone different from them as being insane and dangerous. They can’t stand Trump because he’s coarse, blunt and even satirical. To the Left, the style in which something is done or said is far more important than substance. That’s why they could listen to Obama openly lie to them about “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” while praising him as a genius saint, even when they were being lied to the entire time.

It didn’t matter to Democrats that Obama and Hillary Clinton committed serious acts of treason against America — including Operation Fast and Furious, running a money laundering operation to fund Iran’s nuclear weapons, or ordering Border Patrol to stand down while America was invaded by illegal immigrants — because they carried out these acts with a style and sophisticated style that the Left finds acceptable. To Leftists, you see, style is all that matters, not substance. When Trump operates with a style the Left doesn’t like, they designate him as “insane.” Yet to real America, we find Trump’s tweets hilarious and rather clever, for the most part.

The dangerous realm of quack science psychiatry and its weaponization by the deranged Left

What’s especially dangerous in all this, however, is the Left’s attempted weaponization of psychiatry, a quack science, loosey-goosey realm of gobbledygook that’s already the laughing stock of the hard sciences. Psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing people with “mental disorders” that don’t exist. The entire made-up disease of ADHD, for example, is nothing but a fictional construct of psychiatry. There is no measurable diagnosis of ADHD that’s rooted in neurology, biology, physiology or science. A few years ago, psychiatrists celebrated the finding that children with ADHD had stunted brain growth, but it turns out to have been caused by the ADHD drugs themselves, not the “disease” of ADHD (which doesn’t even exist and is a total fabrication of the industry of psychiatry).

For the record, psychiatry also says that Oppositional Defiance Disorder is a mental illness. This “disease,” dubbed O.D.D., is “diagnosed” by disagreeing with your psychiatrist. Thus, the very act of saying that you do not have a mental illness is sufficient for psychiatrists to diagnose you with a mental illness. Catch-22, right? Democrats play the same Catch-22 game by essentially claiming that anyone who doesn’t fully agree with the tenants of liberalism — open borders, boundless welfare, a totalitarian state, worshiping Islam, having no voter ID laws, etc. — is mentally unsound. In other words, the Left believes that only Leftists are sane. Everyone else must be removed from power, they claim, because they see the world differently and that makes them mentally unfit.

Psychiatry is so isolated from reality that the World Health Organization now says playing video games is a mental disorder, but encouraging your children to have their genitalia surgically maimed for life as part of their “transgender” coming out is not a mental disorder, the W.H.O. is set to announce this year. Furthering the twisted, junk science agenda of modern psychiatry, Google recently partnered with a drug company front group to hit users with a mental illness “self-diagnosis tool” that would funnel gullible users into psychiatrists’ offices to demand mind-altering psychotropic drugs. Yes, Google is part of the mental health “psychiatry” drug cartel racket. Is anyone surprised?

Now, the quack science world of psychiatry is being weaponized to try to remove a sitting President from office. Notably, this tactic is only being invoked after all other attempts to eliminate Trump have failed (or even backfired). The Russia collusion hoax turned out to be a complete work of fiction dreamed up by the fake news media. The Electoral College effort by deranged left-wing Hollywood movie stars also turned out to be a dud. The recent “Fire and Fury” book by Michael Wolff turns out to be largely fiction, and lunatic Leftists are rapidly running out of options, accelerating them to a point of sheer desperation. So they’ve turned to the weaponization of psychiatry as a truly last-ditch, desperate effort to unseat a president they deeply despise, even though he was duly elected by the American people via the same democratic process that previously brought Obama to power.

But psychiatry is rooted in such quackery that any person can be deemed “mentally unfit” by a sufficiently motivated group of psychiatrists. Psychiatry has no objective science behind it. There aren’t any brain scans, blood tests or lab findings that “prove” mental states. Everything about psychiatry is mere opinion, and those opinions are of course heavily distorted because they’re based on human psychiatrists who cannot, by definition, be objective observers of human behavior.

Even worse, all these psychiatrists currently declaring President Trump to be “mentally unfit” have never even met with President Trump. This “remote diagnosis” approach to observing Trump on TV and then declaring him to be unstable is, itself, rooted in sheer delusion and the complete abandonment of medical ethics. Any psychiatrist declaring anyone to be clinically and mentally unfit without having first met with them in a therapeutic setting and conversed with them for several hours is practicing dangerous quackery (and should be stripped of their medical license). Yet this quackery is apparently good enough for Democrats, who need no actual science, real facts or real evidence to hold Trump in contempt.

To Leftists, their hatred is enough all by itself. Just the fact that everybody hates Trump on the Left should be enough, they believe, to demand his resignation. But at the same time, all the actual evidence pointing to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and James Comey as actual traitors who committed serious felony crimes is systematically ignored. That’s because the Left has no need for real facts, real evidence or real science. (Climate change, anyone?)

Pushing America toward violent civil war

Left-wingers in America should be careful what they hope for, of course, because if they do manage to unseat President Trump from office, that will be the trigger event for what I have long called “Second Amendment activation” across America.

Imagine a million armed patriots marching on Washington D.C. and finally arresting half the U.S. Senate, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and anyone else they can locate. Imagine real justice (via public trials) finally being served in this nation as members of the deep state are held to account for their treason and criminal acts which have repeatedly sought to overthrow the rule of law. Also imagine every communist, terrorist or Antifa sympathizer (such as DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison) currently serving in the U.S. Senate and House being arrested, outed and held for public trial. That’s one scenario that could unfold if the Left tries to depose President Trump via its insane “mental health” tactic.

Such a move would, of course, set off a nationwide civil war. Imagine the chaos in the streets if the Left succeeds in their demented political coup in Washington, stripping Trump of his power while simultaneously giving the finger to the tens of millions of voters who put Trump into office. If the violent Left were to succeed in removing a sitting President from office due to a fictitious, bogus reason rooted in the quack science of “psychiatry,” the tens of millions of Second Amendment followers across America — whom this country’s Founding Fathers directed to act as the nation’s “immune system” against tyranny — will realize there is no option remaining other than to fight to defend America. Elections, you see, are the non-violent way to decide who runs a nation. But the Left, we now know, despises election outcomes they don’t win. And they attempt to de-legitimize them in every way imaginable, effectively nullifying the very idea that they respect elections at all. The only elections the Left respects, it turns out, are the elections they win. All other elections must be overthrown, according to Leftist ideology.

Should the Left succeed in throwing out the results of the 2016 presidential election, all the restraint currently practiced by armed Americans will likely be lifted. It will become apparent to gun-owning patriots that their country is now being stolen from them, and they must take up arms to defend America, its Constitution and the rule of law. That’s my prediction of what may happen, although I hope it never comes to that.

There is an actual left-wing communist plot in Washington D.C. to overthrow America and install a totalitarian left-wing regime

The Left is lawless. It is deranged. The Left now believes that “the ends justify the means,” which is why they have sacrificed all credibility in mainstream journalism in a desperate attempt to unseat Trump and seize control of the White House. The Left will try anything — including junk science psychiatry — to unseat the President who was elected by the American people.

As the editor of this website, I am not yet calling for a Second Amendment activation across America. But should the Left kidnap President Trump and lock him in a mental institution as part of an illegal attempt to overthrow this nation, I would at that point issue an urgent call for all citizens to immediately defend this nation against the attempted communist coup under way. Let us hope it doesn’t come to that, but if the deranged Left keeps pushing us toward civil war, that’s exactly what they will eventually get for the simple reason that there is no circumstance under which mainstream America is going to allow their President to be deposed by a band of insane, deranged, left-wing lunatics who despise everything America stands for.

Here are some websites we publish that can help you prepare for this possibility, should the deranged Left continue to push for civil war: documents the deranged cultism of the insane Left, with new articles posted daily. brings you survival and preparedness articles to help you make it through chaos and disruptions. covers news about self-defense, gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Get informed now, and be ready to join the defend of your nation as the enemies within attempt to overthrow this nation and exterminate Whites, Christians and conservatives at gunpoint.

Watch “The Enemies Within” to be fully informed on the communist coup under way in America right now

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